The truth about data: discovering what learners really want

This session was presented at the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) conference in Hobart, Australia this month. In this recording Veronica and Kristen will briefly reflect on conference learnings and reshare their presentation. Abstract below:

Learner success is an important element of any private provider’s competitive strategy.  We want to be certain that we are meeting our commitments and delivering real value in terms of life-long learning experiences, successful outcomes, meaningful careers and industry partnerships.

Like most high quality dual sector providers, our broad focus is on excellence in learning & teaching.  Our analysis of internal and external learner data drives our continuous improvement cycle and we are able to access increasingly sophisticated data sources that tell us almost everything we need to know about our learners – their demographic profile, how they learn, where they are most likely to succeed and fail, and their prospects for employment.

This recording will reveal what we learned about learner success:

  • What our learner data revealed and what it didn’t reveal
  • What learner success initiatives worked and what didn’t work
  • What we intend to do in the future

In particular, the advantages and disadvantages of relying on data analytics to drive continuous improvement will be examined, including:

  • The benefits of using the far more accurate data now available from NCVER following the implementation of Total VET Activity reporting
  • The ability to create increasingly sophisticated profiles of our learners as a basis for customised learning support services that deliver real value to individual learners
  • The benefits of incorporating qualitative as well as quantitative analysis into our decision-making about how best to support learner success

Watch the full recording and discussion below:

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