Do you understand?: Ways to check understanding in the classroom

“Do you understand this concept? Does anyone have any questions?” Have you ever asked your class questions like these, received a room full of shy smiles or nods, and moved on only for it to become very obvious that a number of the students had not grasped the basics and needed further explanation?

While getting your students to pay attention can be a challenge, ensuring they have understood key concepts can be even more difficult. Listening does not equate with understanding and, as teachers, the sooner we can get a real feel for their actual level of understanding, the more we can help them succeed as students.

In this recording, Kimi Anderson shares some simple but effective strategies that teachers can implement to better gauge students’ level of understanding in the classroom. These strategies include using technology to increase engagement, considering how and when to conduct group work, and reviewing the way homework and assignments are done to increase opportunities for teacher support.

Explore the slides below:

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