SAE Audient ASP4816 Simulator

Ensuring students have access to specialist facilities is a significant challenge faced by many education providers, as COVID-related restrictions limit and in many cases prevent students from accessing campus-based facilities such as audio consoles. To help address this challenge, SAE has launched the SAE Audient ASP4816 Simulator, which provides SAE students with remote access to a fully-functional photorealistic simulation of the Audient ASP4816 console (of which SAE has 30+ deployed globally).

The MacOS-based software was developed by Dr Mark Bassett (Director of Academic Quality Assurance for SAE’s Licensed Territories, and Senior Lecturer in SAE Australia’s Masters of Creative Industries program) principally as a learning / teaching tool to allow students to learn the signal flow of the ASP4816 and practice using the console while off-campus. The photorealistic simulation features identical controls, routing, and (non-modelled) audio signal processing to the physical console, in addition to interactive tutorials and custom console scenarios.

Today’s launch follows a successful three-week beta testing pilot of the software at SAE campuses in Brisbane, Melbourne, Milan, Liverpool, and New York.

For more information on the application of virtual tools in learning with a deep-dive into the creation of virtual consoles within the Max software environment, and the implications for learning and teaching in SAE globally, see Episode 1 of the Navitas Learning and Teaching (C&I) Podcasts Series One: Transformation in Tertiary Education.

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