Scaffolding assessment completion with H5P learning interactives

In 2018, a retention pilot was undertaken in an Academic Skills unit within La Trobe College, designed to lift student success and ultimately retention. The project aimed to implement strategies to provide students with scaffolded learning, well-designed assessments, timely and affirming feedback and active learning opportunities. Leveraging on technologies and blended learning design, we utilised HTML5 Package (H5P) learning interactives to implement part of our overall strategy.

The scaffolded assessment task

We focussed on the design of learning interactives to scaffold students’ abilities to complete a 1500-word essay. This essay helped students develop key academic skills to succeed at a tertiary institution and had an impact on their overall performance in the unit. H5P was incorporated to reduce complexity by adding structure to the essay tasks and provided students with active learning opportunities.

The learning design and timing of these H5P learning interactives started in-class and continued as post-class activities to support students in the application of their knowledge. Although the main aim of each H5P learning interactive was to scaffold learning related to essay writing, it was also designed to offer guidance on concepts, processes and procedures to assist students who were unfamiliar with online learning.

By integrating H5P into learning design, we aimed to support the development of self-directed learning to enable students to succeed once they matriculated into the partner university. Watch the video recording from the 2018 H5P conference below:

Explore the slides below:

To continue the conversation about using H5P to scaffold assessments, contact Ges Ng or Learning and Teaching Services or share your thoughts and ideas about the different ways students can engage in learning via YammerTwitter or LinkedIn.