TEN Badges

What are digital badges?

Digital badges are the visual tokens and an online record of the learner’s achievements.  A badge provides details on how it was achieved, and can be linked to evidence such as portfolios or work samples.  Digital badges provide the opportunity for individuals to tell and share the verifiable stories about their accomplishments as part of their lifelong and lifewide learning journey.

CDU Badges

Charles Darwin University offers a range of digital badges to recognise learning, experience, skills and knowledge. These are offered by different disciplines across the university.

Badges can also “stack” together to achieve other credentials, or link to pathways for education, employment or career progression.

CDU is continuing to develop new digital badges. The latest list can be viewed on the CDU Credly Acclaim catalogue page.

View CDU’s current Digital Badges 



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To earn a digital badge you will need to complete a number of activities or tasks, or provide evidence of relevant past achievements. This is known as earning criteria.

Earners will be advised of their achievement via email, and through communication with the coordinator of the specific digital badge.

Earners are able to share their badges with their employers, colleagues and networks on social media.



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Once earned, digital badges are claimed from Credly’s Acclaim platform. Instructions on how to set up you account, and claim and share your badge are sent to each recipient.

For those who like to have printed copies of your achievements, there is printable version available to download for most badges.