Piloting Swivl, the little robot cameraman [infographic]

Teachers in adult English language classrooms were increasingly interested in filming their activities or lessons for self-review, professional development and sharing and other reasons. However, most didn’t have time to set up a camera and audio capture, save and transfer videos, edit and upload them, while also managing all the other aspects of teaching in the highly demanding learning environment of the adult English language classroom.

In 2015, Sue Valdeck (EFS Manager, Digital Innovation) and EFS teacher Rachel Adams set up a fast-paced, learn-as-you-go trial of Swivl that continues in 2016.

The key points from the pilot are summarised below:

swivl (1)

[Infographic produced in collaboration with Georgie Lowe]

Read more about the project or watch a short video with Sue and Rachael.

Interested in trying Swivl? Sue recommends reading more at  www.swivl.com and attending an online demonstration at www.swivl.com/demo-qualification/

To continue the conversation, contact Sue at Sue.Valdeck@navitas.com or get in touch on Yammer.