The road so far: SIBT curriculum review

During 2015 a major project was undertaken in SIBT to establish an innovative curriculum, blending on-campus and technology-enhanced learning, to improve student outcomes and engagement.The project involved several phases, which are explained in this introductory video:

In summary, the project resulted in:

  • a new learning and teaching framework with cohesive program designs including signature capabilities and capstone tasks, along with active learning, technology elements and personalisation in all units;
  • a new Moodle instance, with sites for each unit and integrated with existing student management and portal infrastructure;
  • sustainability measures such as ‘facilitator’s guides’ for units, as well as new policies developed and implemented for technology-enhanced learning, assessment and unit design;
  • capability development for academic staff, leveraging and adapting existing professional development programs and resources;
  • a Moodle Mentors program, where SIBT teaching staff learned new skills and shared these with their peers.

You can explore some examples of the changes SIBT teachers have implemented in their curriculum and some of the tools they have used for blended delivery below . You will see a  SIBT moodle site for a unit, with ‘heart’ icons indicating where to look for examples.

Over the coming months, we’ll be adding examples to this site and establishing networks for sharing resources and activities. Many of the disciplines taught in SIBT programs are also offerings in other Navitas colleges, such as Business, Accounting, Engineering, IT, Communications and Arts, so check back again to see if there are resources or activities that you can use.