Looking back at 2022!

Welcome to our last post for 2022! As a key strategic area for Navitas, the Student Retention and Success project kicked off in 2022, aimed at providing better integration of systems and enable the linkage of rich data to a range of student retention factors across the student lifecycle to improve student outcomes.

Following the work conducted on Flexible Learning in 2021, new TEN modules were released in 2022 to help academic staff continue developing skills in designing and delivering engaging student-centred Flexible Learning experiences.

The first module of a suite of TEN-Retention professional development modules has been released, with many more being offered from 2023. We enjoyed celebrating sixty-four new Navitas Fellows and are looking forward to announcing new Fellows in 2023, following their participation in the 2022 Navitas Advance HE Fellowship program.

In the new year L&T Services will release a professional development calendar for 2023 and there will be many opportunities for Navitas academic staff to share best practice through our Communities of Practice and L&T website. Read on for a review of articles shared in 2022!

Effective student communications

Whether we are writing to students to provide information, or giving feedback on coursework, the way we write has an impact. The corporate communications team at Navitas is collaborating with academic expertise across the organisation to compile a series of guides on effective communications: Effective student communications is the first in the series. This guide provides tips on how to develop your written communication skills, with the goal of enhancing student interaction and achieving more positive outcomes in less time. Read more here.

Congratulations to our newest Navitas Advance HE Fellows

Advance HE Fellowship provides international recognition of professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education (HE). Preparing an Advance HE Fellowship application requires deep reflection on teaching practice and alignment with the Professional Standards Framework, benchmarking success within HE teaching and learning and a commitment to continuously improve your teaching and the student learning experience. In 2022 we celebrated 64 new Navitas Fellows! Read more here.

Reflections on Advance HE Fellowship

Since 2018, 131 Navitas staff have completed the Navitas Advance HE Fellowship program and been awarded Fellowship. Throughout this experience, Navitas staff have come together to reflect on their academic journey and prepare their Fellowship application. While the process of writing a Fellowship application is a personal and individual experience, joining the program is a chance to meet and network with colleagues from different divisions and countries, often resulting in invaluable collegial support and lifelong friendships. Read more here.

Microcredentials and me: Unpacking the benefits of digital badges

Digital badges, short courses, and microcredentials – you have likely encountered these terms in the workplace, on social media, or in news reports, where they are often lauded for their potential to disrupt and revolutionise how we access, engage with, and validate learning. But what are microcredentials, and how can they support you to upskill, develop new competencies, gain recognition of, and evidence your professional development and lifelong learning? Read more here.

Flexible Learning professional development opportunities

Navitas UPA colleges implemented Flexible Learning in response to not only the global Covid-19 pandemic, but to the needs and expectations of today’s students, and the benefits that flexibility and choice in learning can provide. A suite of online modules to support the delivery of high quality, student-centred Flexible Learning experiences is now available to Navitas academic staff, as part of Teaching Excellence at Navitas (TEN). Read more here.

Enhancing computer-mediated teacher-student communication

Cartoon full of yellow eggs with emoji facesEmojis and emoticons have accompanied electronic messages for quite some time and are becoming increasingly accepted as a way to communicate in online learning. A range of studies have observed positive outcomes in classes where emojis/emoticons were utilised, including improved social interaction, academic performance, and emotional intelligence to manage student behaviour. Read more here.

Student Retention and Success at Navitas

A key strategic area for Navitas is the Student Retention and Success project. This data-driven project aims to provide better integration of systems and enable the linkage of rich data to a range of student retention factors across the student lifecycle to improve student outcomes. Four primary areas supporting student retention and success include: Data and Insights, Learning Analytics, Student Retention and Success Playbook and Staff Professional Development. Read more here.

Retention in the Navitas Context: Supporting student retention and success

What factors impact the retention and success of Navitas students? How can we support our students as they transition to higher education, and help them to develop a sense of institutional belonging, connection, and community? “Retention in the Navitas Context” is a new TEN module that allows staff to explore these questions and curate a collection of strategies to support their students’ success and retention. Read more here.

Learning Analytics Case Study: Griffith College

The first phase of the Student Retention and Success project commenced in August 2021 with 17 Griffith College staff members undertaking learning analytics professional development provided by Learning and Teaching Services throughout trimester 3, 2021. Moodle learning analytics were analysed to identify actionable data for student retention purposes. Tailored reports enabled monitoring of the progress of large student cohorts during the pilot period, and trends of student preferences for optional activities and resources were monitored. Read more here.

Celebrating SIBT’s 25th anniversary!

Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT) celebrated its 25th anniversary with a commemorative event at the Hyde Park campus in Sydney on 1 December. SIBT and Navitas staff, student ambassadors, and over 40 agent partners attended the event. Special guests, Bev Hudson (University Partnerships Australasia CEO), Morwenna Shahani (Executive General Manager), and Florian Staerk (SIBT College Principal) delivered speeches honouring the milestones and achievements of SIBT staff over the past 25 years. Read more here.

The complete library of articles shared on the Learning and Teaching at Navitas website is available here. We hope that this website continues to be a source of inspiration and an opportunity for your reflection and development. If you have any questions or suggestions or wish to contribute an article or a presentation, contact Learning & Teaching Services here.

We look forward to working with you in 2023, and from the Learning and Teaching Services team we wish you all the very best this holiday season!


Feature photo: Debby Hudson