Celebrating World Teachers’ Day: Global initiatives supporting and recognising teachers

Each year on October 5th, since 1994, marks World Teachers’ Day. Celebrated in more than 100 countries worldwide, World Teachers’ Day was established by the United Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) to commemorate the 1966 signing of the recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. Its aims are to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of teachers and to recognise the role of teachers in the development of students and society.

Teachers are the bedrock of Navitas; they are vital in supporting the Navitas vision of transforming lives through education. A number of activities are taking place around the organisation including morning teas, student presentations and teacher awards and recognition of achievements.

This year we have launched World Teachers’ Day on each of our campuses… This is a great opportunity to acknowledge our teachers and commemorate this event with a morning tea, posters, and a video message from the Dean, acknowledging the efforts and important contribution of our ACAP academic teachers.” – Michaela Munoz (Manager, Learning & Teaching | ACAP, Australia)

We’re having an open house for instructors and having it catered to celebrate World Teachers’ Day. Having instructors who are valued and recognised, helps in so many ways… better student experience in the classroom, retention of quality instructors… (they become advocates of our program).” – Robert Daudet (College Director and Principal | ICM, Canada)

The teachers are the pillars of the College. They are the fertile ground within which students can sprout, learn and grow. When we nurture teachers through support & compassion, we feed the soil making it a fertile ground for teachers to innovate, care and explore. Acknowledging and celebrating teachers allows us to come all together and recognise we all have the same purpose; we want our students to develop as fulfilled human beings, using their skills with passion and become lifelong learners. And the best way to ensure students beautifully sprout is to provide them with a very supportive and fertile soil.” – (Academic Management Team | Griffith College, Australia)

To celebrate World Teachers’ Day at the global level, we’ve summarised our global initiatives supporting and recognising Navitas teachers.

Learning and Teaching Website

We have a thriving global network of experienced teachers and academic leaders who generously share their practice from the classroom, curriculum initiatives and innovations with the wider professional community.​ Since February 2016, 256 passionate Navitas teaching staff co-created 720 blog articles, webinars and recordings. Topics and authors are diverse, with some of our most popular posts including Griffith College sharing real-world immersion, robot cameramen in Navitas English, and student activities from Curtin College.

Are they being heard? Absolutely! Analytics tell us there have been over 290,000 views of this teacher-generated content from 140+ countries. That includes over 16,000 referrals from social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and our internal platform, Yammer.

Navitas Advance HE Fellowship Program

Learning & Teaching Services offer the Navitas Advance HE Fellowship Program to support teaching staff in their application for Fellowship with Advance HE to recognise personal and institutional commitment to professionalism and excellence in learning and teaching. Fourteen teaching staff and academic leaders were awarded Fellowship in 2018 and approximately fifty staff undertaking the Program in 2019.

Teaching Excellence at Navitas (TEN)

In July this year, Learning & Teaching services launched Teaching Excellence at Navitas (TEN), an internal professional development program that supports our teaching staff in the delivery of high-quality student learning experiences. The program focuses on encouraging teachers in building a range of capabilities, embracing learning and teaching challenges, and being responsive to changes in the education environment.

There are 35 online modules focusing on teaching approaches, strategies and effective use of learning technologies. Since its launch there has been 118 successful completions by 80 teachers from all over Navitas, with more modules being released each month. If you’d like to view upcoming modules or the full TEN catalogue visit myTEN.

Browse the big stats in the infographic below!