How your conference learnings can continue to make an impact

Think about one of the last influential conferences you attended. Do you recall at the beginning of the conference the daunting task of ensuring there were meaningful takeaways because you or someone else had invested in your attendance? Hopefully after countless sessions and conversations you started to feel relieved that in the noise of thoughts and ideas, the key themes of the conference that really resonated with you started to gain clarity.

With the best of intentions, you may find it difficult to maintain the energy and inspiration of a great event when you get back to the daily routine on Monday, even if you manage to report some learnings to your colleagues. But what if these learnings could have a meaningful impact on someone else, or even better, be the spark that inspires longer-term change?

Benefits of sharing conference learnings 

Whether you were a participant or presenter, sharing your conference experience with a wider audience is a great way to keep the conversation alive within a community of practice (CoP), as well as an opportunity for you to reflect and document your learnings and how they may inform your own practice. Joining an online discussion group, sharing on social media, writing in your blog or vlogging about your experience, are all invaluable ways to connect with those who can help inspire new ways of doing and thinking. Don’t want to go it alone? Even better – collaborate with colleagues who also attended and share your diverse takes on the same event!

Conference takeaways (article)

Below are a few examples of conference takeaway articles, each with their own slightly different style:

Colourful buildingsASCILITE Conference 2018 recap
Lindsay Rattray shares insights from the 35th ASCILITE Conference on ‘Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education’.

‘Thriving in changing times’: teachers as change agents (EA Conference)
Lucy Blakemore and Danielle Rock, two attendees at the 2018 English Australia Conference, share a handful of takeaways from noteworthy sessions.

Everyone a learner: The Social Learning Conference
From across Navitas businesses, colleagues share their insights into current thinking on social learning, behavioural analytics and better assessment.

Conference re-presentations (webinar)

You might also choose to re-present a face-to-face conference presentation as a webinar to reach new audiences and have another go at tackling your chosen topic:

Embracing diversity: Supporting international LGBTQI+ students
Louise Kane and Tegan McCarthy introduce the Rainbow Hub, a support group which aims to provide inclusive support for international LGBTQI+ students in the community.

PR for PD: Harnessing individual energy to empower institutions in professional development
Clare Magee and Fiona Wiebusch share insights as well as practical tools for promoting teacher-led professional development initiatives.

Text Inspector for materials and assessment development: How do your texts measure up?
Cara Dinneen considers how Text Inspector can be used to better align learning and teaching materials with language proficiency level standards.

Interested in sharing your learnings in an article or re-presenting from a conference in a webinar? Email Learning and Teaching at Navitas or learn more about how to get involved with the website via the ‘Get Involved’ page here.