Murdoch University Dubai Learning and Teaching Symposium 2023: Key Trends in Higher Education

Murdoch University Dubai Learning and Teaching Committee recently held an online Learning and Teaching Symposium that explored the latest trends and practices in higher education. The event brought together educators and professionals from various universities and institutions to discuss key topics such as flexible/hybrid learning, sustainable education, authentic assessment, generative AI, learning analytics, Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL), and professional development for academics in higher education.

The symposium began with a welcome speech by Bev Hudson, CEO of University Partnerships Australasia, who emphasised the constantly evolving landscape of higher education and current trends (see image below). 

This was followed by a keynote speech by Dr. Stephen Johnson, Head of Support for Learning at Murdoch University, who shared his insights on recent challenges and opportunities in higher education.

Symposium attendees had the opportunity engage in stimulating discussions on best teaching and learning practices in a global, disruptive, and AI-impacted higher education arena. During the event, fifteen presenters from Murdoch University (Perth, Dubai, Singapore), Edith Cowan College, La Trobe University Sydney Campus, University of Canberra College, and Navitas L&T Services (Australia) shared their latest research and practices:

  • Hybrid by default to hybrid by design – Dr Ashleigh Prosser (Professional Learning Lecturer, Murdoch University), Faiza Qureshi (Chair, L&T Committee, Murdoch University Dubai)
  • Generation Z, sustainability orientation and higher education implications: an eco pedagogical conceptual framework – Leena Wanganoo (Business, Discipline Lead, Murdoch University Dubai), Mahima Mathur (Lecturer, Business Murdoch University), Dr Eunice Tan (Senior Lecturer, SIM Global Education)
  • Authentic assessment and feedback loops in higher education – Nora Oyama (Head of University Preparation Pathways, Murdoch University)
  • Fostering AI literacy – Alyce Hogg (Lead, Academic Developer, Navitas L&T Services)
  • Learning analytics: closing the loop – Peter Matheis (Lead, Learning Designer, Navitas L&T Services), Inez Chai (Lecturer, Griffith College)
  • Supporting the scholarship of teaching and learning in pathway colleges and higher education – Dr Niva Kaspi (Academic Coordinator, Edith Cowan College), Robert Ellis (Academic Director, Edith Cowan College)
  • Professional learning for university academics – Shannon Johnston (Head of Professional Learning, Murdoch University), Karen McRae (Manager, Academic Education, Navitas L&T Services), Lili Zhang (Program Coordinator, University of Canberra College), Maria Remiendo (Academic Coordinator, La Trobe University, Sydney Campus)

Darren Rhien, a student at Murdoch University Dubai completing a Computer Science and Cyber Security and Forensics degree, presented an insightful student perspective on generative AI and its impact on learning.

The symposium was an engaging and informative event that helped attendees expand their knowledge and stay updated in the latest trends in higher education. Feedback highlighted that the symposium helped create “awareness about new challenges and opportunities” in today’s higher education realm, “the presentations were relevant, informative and [it was] great to learn more about peer learning opportunities”, and the symposium was “well researched” and “well-organised”.

If you are interested in presenting your research or best practice in upcoming symposiums organised by Murdoch University Dubai Learning and Teaching Committee, please email Faiza Qureshi: or Navitas L&T Services:


Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash