Looking ahead: The Learning Technologies Roadmap

The learning technology expectations of our students, teachers, university and industry partners are growing very rapidly. How can Navitas businesses around the world ensure that our technologies are able change and respond to meet those changing demands?

The Roadmap for Navitas Learning Technology Products

The Navitas Learning Technologies Roadmap is a living document, updated each year, that sets out the current state of thinking around learning and teaching needs and the schedule for new products, pilots and updates. It helps to coordinate the growing portfolio of centrally managed technology products that are ‘going global’.

When products become a part of the Learning Technologies Roadmap, these selected ‘Enterprise Learning Technologies’ are maintained by Navitas Learning and Teaching Services across their product life-cycles. For a learning technology to be selected for the global portfolio, it has to be fit-for-purpose, sustainable, and proven to solve educational problems efficiently.

Scope of learning technologies

Already many Enterprise Learning Technologies are being used by the Navitas learning and teaching community to achieve academic and business outcomes: Moodle is now available across Navitas, and pilots are occurring to boost learning analytics, lecture engagement and more.

In 2018, efforts will be focussed towards consolidating more than a dozen Turnitin licences into one global licence arrangement, continuing to roll out Navitas Core Moodle, and designing and building the next version called Navitas Core Moodle 2018 or NCM2018.

Of course, upgrading learning technologies regularly has implications for teacher professional development, course design and support, IT services and governance. Navitas Learning and Teaching Services is working closely with businesses and Group IT to deliver effective and supported solutions. The resources developed to support teachers and businesses includes:

  • Tailored PD courses and sessions to respond to identified needs in colleges or businesses, building long-term teacher capability, often as part of digital or institutional-wide transformation projects such as the SIBT Curriculum Transformation.
  • Regular courses that scale to thousands of participants,  designed and facilitated by Navitas L&T experts, lasting 4-5 weeks with assessed tasks; courses in 2016-17 included ‘Blended Learning Essentials’, ‘Assessment, Marking & Feedback’ and ‘Engagement & Motivation’, as well as ‘Building in Moodle’ to support Moodle upgrades and rollouts.
  • Events which showcase experience, reflection and learnings from the global teacher community, allowing teachers to present, discuss and connect with colleagues around the world to leverage good practice and innovation. Events and courses are advertised here.

Decision-making processes

In order to ensure that Enterprise Learning Technologies meet the evolving needs of users and businesses around the world, a streamlined governance process has been developed.

This is particularly important as more learning technologies are provided, and added in to new releases of the Navitas Core Moodle learning management system. Strong governance processes are required to inform, select, pilot, deploy and update these technologies regularly, as well as to promote inclusiveness, community and collaboration between businesses, IT and L&T Services.

Below, you can see how these discussions will happen, with stakeholders representing the ‘chalk-face’ to identify priorities and our own team advising on technical delivery and managing product lifecycles.

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